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Whether you are just starting your professional career, looking to change things up along the way, or climbing your way up the ladder, I am here to help you determine what actions will get you to success.

What if…

…you actually liked your job?

…you earned the salary you deserve?

…you were respected in your field?

…you got that promotion you were hoping for?

I offer tailored coaching strategies to help you find happiness at the job you are at or find a new one that will get you where you want to be.

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Who is Coaching For?

As an experienced, professional coach it is my job is to listen and define the path to solve challenges in your career.

Feeling Frustrated?

Not sure what the next step is for you professionally?  Thinking about a change in role, department, or employer?

Got The Degree...Now What?

You are destined for greatness but what does that mean?  How do you find the right first job that will start your career?

Feeling Invisible?

Does your boss know who you are?  Are you making the right connections to set yourself up for advancement? Set yourself apart from your colleagues.

Time For A New Job?

Time for a fresh start and somewhere you can be happy.  Find the RIGHT job and make a great first impression.

Difficult Co-Worker or Employees?

Dealing with a challenging employee, trying to climb the corporate ladder, or just want to be a more effective leader?


What I Can Do For You

We all come from different backgrounds and experience a variety of challenges and obstacles in our careers.  There is often more than one right choice to make when presented with opportunities.  I’m here to listen and define your options as you take action to get the career you want.

Style Assessments

  • Discussion of various online assessments tools (StrenghsFinder 2.0, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), etc.)

Professional Presence

Career branding and positioning, strengthening professional presence

Networking Strategies

Social and Emotional Intelligence, LinkedIn, and Online Presence

Workplace Skills

Presentation and speaking skills, communication and time management

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