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Maximizing Team Performance by Mastering Your ABCs

Set yourself and your teams apart by mastering the often overlooked concepts that the most successful leaders possess.

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Back To Basics: ABCs for Success

Book Kelly to speak to your team or organization about the key principles in the book. 

The current workforce environment demands that leaders and organizations evolve in their culture, approach, and thinking.

This begins with clear, concise, and consistent communication across, up, and down in an organization.

While communication is a frequent topic of training, it continues to be a key contributor to most challenges in the workplace.

To combat this instead of focusing on just one behavior we look at three and how they interact, impact, and build on each other.  These behaviors are assumptions, boundaries, and communication.

Training Event

Mastering ABCs for Success Training Program

This training program provides participants a deeper understanding of the leadership behaviors discussed in the book. 

Participants will take part in interactive discussions and activities to further develop key leadership behaviors and master skills to assessment the impact on individual and team performance.

The training will improve communication, team dynamics, performance, and reduce delays, errors, and challenges.  These benefits increase employee retention, and overall efficiency ultimately cultivating a high-performing team environment.

About The Author

Kelly Featheringham

Kelly helps executives build and grow high-performing teams using strength-based leadership coaching and professional development training.
She brings over 25+ years experience leading teams for corporate, government, and start-up organizations in the United States and abroad. Her expertise and methods have helped start-ups through Fortune 500 companies to implement effective communication practices, empower managers and staff to set clear and consistent boundaries, and bring awareness and attention to the impacts of the assumptions we make.

photo of Kelly Featheringham

Great book!  I was able to start using things I learned the very next day with my team.  They will all be reading it when it comes out.

– S.H. CFO in Banking


Insightful and easy read.  There were several “a-ha” moments that I’ll keep in mind when managing my teams.

– E.J. VP in Hospitality

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