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Building Your Best Career Podcast

A podcast for professionals looking to find their voice, define their brand, and maximize their impact.  Episodes are a collection of lessons from real life, interviews with people doing incredible things, tips and tools to get you on your way to realizing your Infinite Career Possibilities.  


Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Learn how to prepare for your next job interview.  Set Yourself apart from the other candidates and give yourself the best opportunity for success.

Dealing With A Difficult Boss

Have a boss that you can never find or worse, one that is constantly following up on everything you do?  Listen to tips on how to improve these relationships.

Many Paths to Success

The road to success is a personal journey and no two are the same.  We all have different goals and aspirations which describe our version of success or failure.  What path will you take?

What's Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding is the cornerstone to professional success.  How does yours measure up and what can you do about it? 


Not quite loving your career, thinking you might

be destined for greater things, or just plain hate

your job? Learn how to know when it’s time to leap!


Achieving professional success takes time

and hard work. Improving small behaviors

and habits can make a big impact in

reaching that success.


Use every opportunity you have to demonstrate

you’ve got what it takes to lead.  Set yourself apart

from your colleagues in the best way possible.


Prepare and market yourself for the right opportunity

in or out of your current field, in a way that is confident

yet genuine.


Building a strong network can make all the difference in

your career. Learn how to be strategic in your development

of this network to maximize your connections.


I’m Kelly Featheringham.  Total introvert with extrovert ambition!  Executive coach, writer, educator, and speaker.

I’m an educator at heart, obsessed with finding new ways to help professionals take control of their career.  I take way too many pics of my puppy, could eat pizza every day and am a complete spreadsheet junkie.

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