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A podcast for professionals looking to find their voice, define their brand, and maximize their impact.

Episodes are a collection of lesson from real life, interviews with people doing incredible things, tips and tools to get you on your way to realizing your Infinite Career Possibilities.

LATEST EPISODE: Building a 5-Year Plan for Success

Season 1, Episode 13


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About N.Y.O.G.


A podcast about the everyday trials and tribulations of navigating the professional workplace.  Anecdotes and examples of career wins, epic failures, and just everyday experiences.

Hosted by Kelly Featheringham, N.Y.O.G. is a weekly opportunity to learn tricks to cope with wacky co-workers, preparing for a job interview, ask your boss for a raise, have fun networking even if you hate people, and so much more.

Kelly is a certified executive coach with over 20 years leadership experience in the public and private sectors.  She’s worked on Capitol Hill, in corporate consulting, and the federal government and has countless stories to tell about them all.  She blends her non-traditional career progression with her experience and comedic anecdotes into episodes that are sure to be entertaining and useful.

EPISODE 1: Many Paths to Success

What if I told you that you could be successful no matter what you are doing?  Everyone has a different vision of success and it doesn’t have to mean earning millions of dollars, getting a Ph.D., or becoming a CEO.

We all get to define what our vision is based on our strengths, skills, and passion.  Once we define it all we need do is give it our all and go for it.

What does success look like to you?

In this episode, we’ll discuss these things and more!

EPISODE 2: Personal Brand

Personal Branding is the cornerstone to professional success.  How does yours measure up and what can you do about it?

EPISODE 3: Networking Strategy

Building a strong network can make all the difference in your career.  Learn how to be strategic in your development of this network to maximize your connections.

EPISODE 4: Excelling as a New Manager

Just got promoted…now what?  Hear some tips on establishing yourself as “the boss” while earning the respect and trust of your peers and team. 

EPISODE 5: Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Learn how to prepare for your next job interview.  Set yourself apart from the other candidates and give yourself the best opportunity for success.

EPISODE 6: Take a Seat at the Table

Use every opportunity you have to demonstrate you’ve got what it takes to lead. Set yourself apart from your colleagues in the best way possible.

EPISODE 7: Work-Life Balance

In a professional world of mobile devices and remote work, it’s nearly impossible to be off the clock. Take the time to find the right balance to maximize your work performance and avoid career burnout.

EPISODE 8: Dealing With a Difficult Boss

Have a boss that you can never find or worse one that is constantly following up on everything you do?  Listen to tips on how to improve these relationships.

EPISODE 9: Tough Talks at The Office

Need to have a conversation at work you’d rather avoid? Addressing a problematic situation does not have to be an awful experience.

EPISODE 10: Getting Unstuck Part 1

Feeling like you might need a change with your career, but not quite sure what it should be? Try a little career maintenance.

EPISODE 11: Building a Real Network

Despite the pressure to amass followers, friends, and connections quickly, we discuss the benefits of creating a genuinely supportive network.

EPISODE 12: Secrets to Self-Promotion Without the Sleaze

Prepare and market yourself for the right opportunity in or out of your current field, in a way that is confident yet genuine.

EPISODE 13: Building a 5-Year Plan for Success

Wandering aimlessly through your career hoping everything will fall into place? Develop a plan to get your career on track and propel you toward success.

EPISODE 14: Preparing for Annual Performance Reviews

Get the most out of your annual reviews to maximize your growth potential without last-minute stress and aggravation.

EPISODE 15: Receiving and Using Criticism or Feedback

Leverage professional criticism or feedback for career development. Solicited or unsolicited feedback can sting but can also help propel you forward.

EPISODE 16: 3 Keys to Finding a New Job

Looking for a new job? It’s no secret that job hunting is a grueling process but there are some ways you can greatly improve your chances for success.

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