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Staying organized and productive is really important to me and I’m constantly trying to refine my process to work smarter, not harder. There are so many tools readily available now to help! I thought it might be helpful for you if I shared a few of the Apps I am loving right now.

These are the top 10 that I’m currently using with a few reasons why:

1) Pocket – LOVE this App!  It lets you file photos, websites, screengrabs…whatever you are looking at and might want to come back later.  You can create category or topic tabs to assign whatever you save so that you can sort them later.  It’s a private folder so it can be as organized or as messy as you like because you can search by your tags and it sorts through all items you save.

It has a plugin for your browser on your computer so that you can file things there and then pull up on your phone or tablet later.  It is sooo much better than the 946 tabs I used to have open between all of my devices with the web pages I wanted to find time to read!  And it’s FREE!

2) Pinterest – whats to say…social media, in general, can be overwhelming but somehow Pinterest always ends up being relaxing for me.  In a pinch it can give you a quick idea on what to wear to a business meeting or a creative gift basket for the most random of events.

You can dive deep into the rabbit hole lounging on the couch with a glass of wine and wonder how you ended up looking at building your own furniture when you started out looking for ways to arrange throw pillows on your couch!  Of course this one is FREE.

3) Google Keep – isn’t it great how so many of these Apps now sync across your devices?  I am an avid list maker and this App keeps them all in the same place so I can access on my computer or on the go.

You can color code them and set reminders and even label them so you can group them for easy sorting.  You have the option to write in paragraph form, bulleted list, or my personal favorite -the checklist! 

I have grocery lists and Instagram post topic lists, career coaching tools lists and podcast topics…if you are a list person then you NEED this App.  And it’s FREE!

4) Kindle – I love to read and had one of those first generation Kindles forever, you know the one you needed the nightlight for?  I only just recently switched over to the App on my phone/tablet to cut down some weight in my bag.

I am a fairly moody reader so I usually have at least 3-4 books going at once. I mean really…if you are in the middle of that climactic who-dunnit scene in that mystery you’ve been reading who wants to cut that short when it’s your turn to see the dentist?

That’s the time to be reading something like “Manage Your Day-to-Day” or “365 Blog Topic Ideas” with bite-sized chapters you can easily pick right back up.

Kindle has also improved their tools within the App so when I’m reading books on career coaching topics or potential insights for the Blog I can highlight or bookmark and come back later.  This App is FREE but you have to purchase the books from Amazon individually or sign up for their unlimited membership where you pay a fee per month.

5) Spotify – So I confess this is not directly related to work BUT it really is because I CANNOT be productive in silence.  I love music and have soooo many playlists based on mood or situation and frankly, it just puts me in the frame of mind when I find the right playlist.

Spotify creates curated playlists for you based on the types of music you listen to regularly so every day you get a new daily playlist.  I have found so many new artists and songs this way, it’s like getting a surprise each morning. 

This App is FREE but if you want to be able to download your songs and playlists to listen offline then you have the option to pay a subscription fee.

6) Instagram – Obviously if you are reading this, you have your own love for IG.  I enjoy the sense of community on here and the idea of life through photos. I have always loved taking photos as a hobby and have gotten so many ideas from the many talented people on this App. 

Most of all, in a very noisy world right now, I am finding this to be a mostly positive, supportive and friendly place to spend some time each day.  And how can you not LOVE all of the cute puppy photos on here every day??!!! 

7) Crab Dip – wait…hmmm wrong kind of App but this is one of my favorite appetizers! Sorry about that, it’s nearly lunch time and my stomach was growling. 🙂

8) Grammarly – So this App is great if you are writing pretty much anything…emails, blog posts, IG posts, etc.  It highlights spelling, grammar, punctuation and offers suggestions and edits.

You can set it up so it will integrate with your email client or word processing apps, and web browser so that it will check EVERYTHING! 

There is a FREE version online but if you want to fully utilize all of the tools then you will want to pay the annual fee.  If you are writing all day like me then it saves a ton of time and stress as your second pair of eyes.

If you have any doubts about how useful this App can be and even save you money, check out this recent article about online errors!


9) Canva – This is a social media lifesaver.  Do you have a little cheat sheet stuck to the edge of your computer with all of the measurements for each of the different types of posts?  Perhaps that was just me, I mean Tweets, Facebook Post, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pins…they are all different sizes it was difficult to keep them all straight.

Okay well if you are a Photoshop wiz then you probably do most of this on your own but if are looking for a tool to create your posts in the right size and shape then this App is a great one.  I use it for slide presentation templates, document templates, social media posts…pretty much everything.

It has a ton of free photos, fonts, and shapes to use and you create your post then you can save it and resize to any other that you need.  It really helps with consistency in your branding across all of the platforms and eliminates the need to start from scratch with each new graphic you create.

It will sync across your devices so you can modify on the go from your phone or build out a whole portfolio on your desktop.  There is a FREE version which is useful if you post to social media casually but if you are posting regularly it is such a timesaver and worth the yearly subscription cost.

10) Afterlight – I heard about this one on @jennakutcher a while back when I was trying to find an easy photo editor that actually had a few functions in it. Many seem to have a few filters but not much flexibility other than that.  This one has both.

I use it for most of the photos I take on my phone whether they are going on social media or not.  It works great for removing red-eye and taking the shine off your face plus has lots of different filters to class up the selfies a bit!  The App costs $2.99 but really is worth the few bucks.

I am constantly looking for new tools and ways to improve my efficiency.  I love that most of them you can download and try out for a few days to see if they’re a good fit for what you are looking for. 

Do you have Apps that you think are awesome?  Leave a comment and tell me about them, I’d love to give them a try!

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